Ground Support New York – solid SoHo pour-over

Also located right in Soho, another cafe had gotten our hopes up for good pour-over coffee: Ground Support.

Google maps:

There’s no menu for beans, but rather staff checked for what beans were still ahead of their ‘best before’ date, and as a result only one Ehtiopian bean was available – more than good enough.

Their weapon of choice is a Chemex, and during our two visits, once they did and once they did not rinse the paper filter before coffee came into play.

Otherwise preparation was pretty orderly, both times around 5 minutes total infusion time (so, on the longer side). And I appreciated that despite the otherwise busy store, the barista stayed focused on the pour.

As a result, it was surprising that both brews were very light in taste. But all in all, Ground Support is a great place to hang out and the hand-drip is pretty decent, too.

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